Two Weeks Tuna Diet Plan Which Works

This can be a real tuna diet plan which fits and enables you to definitely lose 11 pounds within the first couple of days. Tuna diet plan suits individuals who like sea food items. Make your own diet menu. You have to pick one meal from four choices for breakfast, dinner and lunch.

Breakfast: 1. two slices of black bread, lettuce, tomato, 50 g of tuna in the own juice, 2. 25 g of flakes (without sugar) with milk, toast of black bread after some marmalade, a little blueberry, 3. A toast, 50 g of tuna in the own juice, a glass of fresh lemon juice, tomato, 4. 50 g of boiled mushrooms, one boiled egg, and something slice well roasting on grill sausage, a crispy cracker, cup of orange juice.

Lunches: 1. 150 g of tuna along with a large part of mixed salad, filled fresh lemon juice, 2. 90 g of tuna along with a large part of mixed salad, filled fresh lemon juice, a little bun, 3. A toast, boiled tuna with tablespoons of of tomato sauce along with a large part of eco-friendly vegetable salad, combined with fresh lemon juice, 4. Sandwich of two small slices of black bread with salad and tuna. Additionally, your food should have fruit (pick one) – apple, orange, pear, plum or two small bananas.

Dinner: 1. 150 g of smoked pork boiled in water, 12 g of spaghetti in tomato sauce, boiled tuna and broccoli or cabbage, 2. 250 g of chicken, cooked on the grill (without skin), eco-friendly beans, baked tomato plants, 50 g of mushrooms boiled in a small amount of chicken broth, a sizable part of eco-friendly salad full of fresh lemon juice along with a glass of diet yogurt, 3. 75 g of low- body fat roasting meat with 150 grams of tuna, mushroom soup with let’s eat some onions, tomato plants and spices or herbs 125 g of boiled taters, a sizable part of cabbage and cauliflower, 4. 150 g of boiled tuna with the help of fresh lemon juice and 6 g margarine, courgettes or cauliflower, broccoli, lemon slice. It’s also essential to include fruit after dinner. Alcoholic drinks and snacks: A glass of dry wine glass crispy bun with salad small sweets or two dry biscuits, 150 grams of grapes. It’s suggested to see healthcare professional prior to starting any new diet.