No need to antagonize carbs if you want to slim down. Instead, incorporate carbohydrates into the daily diet can make you slim fast. The consumption of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin B such as brown rice, whole wheat, grains makes you can easily realize that dream. However, when brown rice and wheat is considered expensive, you can replace it with some type of carbohydrate that is relatively inexpensive, but have the same benefits. The following 9 types of carbohydrates that can make you slim, as revealed a dietitian and a spokesman from the British Dietetic Association, Helen Bond quoted from the Daily Mail, Tuesday (21/04/2015)

1. Sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes)

Just like white potatoes, yams or sweet potatoes to be reckoned with because of its nutrient content is quite large, which makes you full longer.

2. Quinoa

According to Helen, quinoa is a rich vegetarian source of protein, and is used as an alternative to replace rice.

3. Rye bread

Has four times more fiber than white bread, and contains 20 percent fewer calories.

4. Pearl barley

Low in calories and high in fiber and selenium. Helen said, these grains can lower cholesterol.

5. Tortilla

Corn bread is considered foods with low glycemic, an alternative to replace the white bread.

6. Spelt

One Cereal materials used when making risoto.

7. Rice brown

Harvard School of Public Health found a study in which brown rice may lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

8. Black beans

Beans provide plenty of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. Eat five times a day.

9. Shredded wheat

Is a food source of fiber, without added sugar or salt.