3 Sleep Mistakes Make It stretchy Agency

In addition to exercise, sleep plays an important role in weight loss programs that are running. Unfortunately there are some sleeping habits without even realizing it make weight soared. Avoid the following three sleeping habits so that weight is not increased as reported by Pop Sugar.

1. Sleep is not a priority
Research has shown that people who sleep less tend to consume more calories. In addition to its body awake longer, lack of sleep affects the hunger hormone.

2. Sleep quality was
Anxiety and stress will show up when you do not have quality sleep. One reason is the existence of an electronic device on the side cushion. Therefore keep your mobile phone while sleeping so as not woken by the sound of the incoming message.

3. Before bedtime snack
You have this habit? Makanna eating right before bed can add a lot of calories that will be fat in the body.3 Sleep Mistakes Make It stretchy Agency