Over the years of working construction I have seen two things that really make it so a worker can no longer do the job. The first one is bad feet. If your feet hurt, you cannot get the job done. The second is any kind of back pain. You might be able to function for a time taking painkillers, but that is not good for your health. I know, because I have experienced bad back pain. It was when I thought I would have to quit my job that I decided to try a Sacramento chiropractor to see if I could get some relief.

I had tried everything. I had a routine of doing stretches and exercises I learned online, we bought a spa with the massaging jets and hot water, I used rice bags heated in the microwave and even bought those electronic things that zap your back muscles with electricity. Nothing would completely take away the pain. I had to go through a routine every evening after work and before I went to work. Most of our household routines had been adapted to help me keep my job and income. I could not do my chores around the house, because it might make me miss a day of work due to pain. (more…)